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to seek exceptions to certain units. some of the special operations units for instance. women who have been affected by the ban say they were denied promotions as a result of the discriminatory policy over the years, bill. bill: jennifer, women have for some time have contributed to mightily to the war on terror. they drive tanks. they knife airplanes in the air force. a lot of people don't recognize that. what then has been the reaction from women in the military on this decision? >> reporter: well, remember, women have been serving in front line positions in the last 10 years. mostly has helicopter pilots, as medics. they have have been serving valiantly. this will change quite a bit and the aclu and several servicemembers, women servicemembers sued to have positions in the infantry, front line positions opened up. they have welcomed this. as have both democrats and republicans on capitol hill yesterday. however one female marine who garnered attention late last year when she expressed concerns about this anticipated move is captain katie petronia we intervurd her. she served in fron
, are part of a broader, strategic challenge to the united states and our partners in north africa. today i want briefly to offer some context for this challenge, share what we've learned, how we are protecting our people and where we can work together to not only honor our fallen colleagues but continue to champion america's interests and values. any clear-eyed examination of this matter must begin with this sobering fact. since 1988 there have been 19 accountability review boards investigating attacks on american diplomats and their facilitis. benghazi joins a long list of tragedies for our department, for other agencies and for america. hostages taken in tehran in 1979, our embassy and marine barracks bombed in beirut in 1983, khobar towers in saudi arabia in 1996, our embassies in east africa, 1998. consulate staff murdered in jetta in 2004. the khost attack in 2009 and too many others. since 197765 american diplomatic american personnel have been killed by terrorists. now of course the list of attacks foiled, crises averted and lives saved is even longer. we should never forget that ou
day as treasury secretary of the united states. before he walks out the door he was reflecting a bit on the state of the economic recovery and here's what he said. quote, the president makes fun of me, like always saying we're only in the 2nd inning but in terms of the american economic recovery, we are past the 7th inning stretch says tim geithner. so is he right as he leaves this economy in the hand of the rest of the administration at this point? stuart varney joins me now, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart, when i read that this morning, i thought really? is that really true? are we in the 7th inning stretch of this recovery? what say you? >> there are two sides of this argument. 2nd inning the team is down or 7th inning the team is in the homestretch. let me give you the 2nd inning our team is down first. next week we get a big picture on the state of the economy. it will be bad. growth of only 1%. that implies we're very early in this baseball game and our team is down. that is the negative side. the other side of the coin is this. we have really
strategic challenge, first and foremost, for the countries in north after from and for the united states and the broader international community. bill: watch this story too. the hostage matter being described as fluid and dangerous and our chief washington correspondent james rosen leads our coverage this morning. what is the latest now, james? >> reporter: bill and martha, good morning a lot breaking on this story. just in the past few minutes the algerian terrorists behind this plot are reportedly demanding according to a maur taken yaw news report. a looking to trade americans for two figures behind bars. not clear where they are behind bars. algerian news agency says 650 hostages have been freed including 573 algerians. unclear too how these terrorists would have goten ahold of all 650 of those hostages. they hail from 10 countries and were seized at a bp national gas complex in a remote stretch of the sahara. algerian special forces yesterday launched a helicopter assault on the gas complex which the report that they killed 18 of the hostage takers. two british hostages and two fili
will ask if the united states of america is in fact a safe bet. the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. martha: a lot of talk about the president's demeanor at that news conference yesterday. we'll get into that a little bit more coming up but for now does this really come down to an issue of raising the spending limit or defaulting on our credibility as the president has talked about. let's bring in stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network. so, stuart, you feel the way he is framing this is incorrect? >> yes. we're not going to default, period. we are not going to default. the default means that you do not service your debt. you don't pay the interest on your debt. well we have 2 1/2 trillion dollars coming into the treasury every year in tax revenue. we can use that tax revenue to pay the interest on our debt. therefore, we will not default. all this talk about being a deadbeat nation, that belies the fact that we have never, and will never default on our obligations. the obligation being to pay the interest on the d
're not able to message, oh by the way we're not united in the most important things republicans stand for which is restraining the growth of government? yeah. that's a problem and under his leadership and i hope with eric can't tore and others we can fix it. >> reporter: there are clearly challenges ahead. we expect the vote to go forward four hours from now. we'll find out if there is a serious challenge to john boehner's leadership. bill: we'll be watching that. what about sandy and this controversy, mike? critics say the bill is loaded up with pork that has nothing to do with the victims? >> reporter: that's right. there were significant concerns about some of the items in the senate-passed bill. a lot of people very sympathetic to the people of new york and new jersey. here are some items that were troubling to some folks on capitol hill. $150 million to alaskan fisheries. 15 doll million to nasa. 15 million to repair d.c. roofs. $50 poll for subsidies for planting trees. a key new york house republican says, well, the money will go to the right purposes. take a listen. >> one thi
. served incredibly in vietnam. served this country as a united states senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. so why all the prejudging i don't know. >> reporter: the senate has only rejected nine cabinet nominees since 1834. the last time that they rejected a nominee from a president was in 1989 with john tower who was also up for secretary of defense, bill. bill: who are the leading contenders now for cia director, jennifer? >> reporter: mike morale, for one, the acting director of. cia is being considered. they are settling on john brennan, the chief counterterrorism advisor to the president. he has been very close to the president the past four years. he is the white house choice to replace david petraeus. brennan will face serious questions about his role in the cia enhanced teartation techniques program, other controversial bush era programs. this is the reason brennan with drew his name as possible cia director in 2008. brennan has been noticeably absent of any public discussions about benghazi which he is likely to face tough scrutiny, bill. bill: a lot of questi
more of a warning period for severe weather. the united states is experiencing the longest run between deaths caused by tornados since record began. there was 221 days since there was a tornado-induced fatality. bill: thank you, anna kooiman. that will be a big story throughout the day. martha. martha: we're just getting started this morning. a leading senator says washington does not have a spending problem. really? is she right about that? bill: here is one you don't see every day, how a surface-to-air missile launcher ended up at a gun buyback event. >> we see that all the time. we'll go back to midland city, alabama. there is a look at the s.w.a.t. team on the scene. what a terrifying day it is for this town. a 6-year-old boy is being held hostage by a suspected gunman. he was chosen randomly off of a bus. we'll try to get more answers about this from police on the scene. we'll bring that back to you in just a few minutes. we'll be right back. we're all having such a great year in the gulf, we've dided to put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the g
the senate -- well, i guess it was early this morning, the united states senate voted in an uncharacteristically in a very bipartisan way 89 votes in favor of the compromise legislation. that was historic. that legislation was sent over to the house. up until now our speaker has said when the senate acts we will have a vote in the house. that is what he said. that is what we expect. that is what the american people deserve. so we look forward now as we go forward in this day to see what the timing will be for a straight up or down vote on what passed 89-8 last night in the united states senate. today we had the privilege, as our chairman has said, from hearing from the vice president. he talked about what's in the legislation and what lies ahead and difficult negotiations as we go forward. we had a frank, as you said, mr. chairman, a frank discussion in that regard. our members after thoughtful dlir bracings and review are continuing to review the legislation weighing the pros and cons and weighing the equities of not going over the cliff, but we are all very eager to
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-workings of u.s. counterintelligence. the but the bottom line, bill, that the united states authorities have now told the ap wire service they believe iran is behind this abduction. now what can washington do to try and encourage iran? bill: big question. they have a daughter who is getting married in a month. we'll talk to the mother christine. that is the wife of robert, what she believes is the whereabouts of her husband. she still thinks he is in iran. the government needs to do more to bring him home. christine levinson, our guest live next hour here in "america's newsroom." we'll have that for you live. martha: tough for her. she is coming up at the top of the next hour. meantime we're learning some new details about possible white house plans for troop withdrawals from afghanistan ahead of next year's drawdown. there is a new report out that has an administration official floating the idea of pulling out all of the troops. the so-called zero option. molly henneberg is with us in washington. so, molly, how likely is this zero troops in afghanistan scenario? >> reporter: hi, martha. all the
in federal welfare spending by 2022. 80%. is the united states becoming more and more of an entitlement nation? that is a very legitimate question to raise looking at that number. stuart varney joins me now, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart, that's a big number. >> oh, yes, there will be a massive run-up in the cost and the extent of welfare programs and payments at the federal level over the next 10 years. now as that projection is being made, remember, in the news background you have president obama saying, no spending cuts. and the rating agencies saying watch out, america. if you don't get your debt under control you will be downgraded. so the actual numbers, this latest projection, martha, they are truly astonishing. as you pointed out, an 80% increase over the next 10 years. that amounts to a total spending in dollar terms of $11 trillion. that would mean that roughly a quarter of all government spending, federal spending would be taken up with welfare payments. that does not include any welfare payments actually made at the state level. this is just
. one of them is whether terrorists have perhaps been embowlened by the lack of action by the united states in response to our attack on our embassy in benghazi. remember nobody has been brought to justice for the killing of our ambassador and three other americans. that raised the question discussed by general jack keane and charles krauthamer. we'll talk to ambassador john bolton. we'll get his take. he will join us later in "america's newsroom.". >>> now to a story that is rocking the sports world. a story that is so bizarre that we are all talking about it. still trying to put the pieces of this together. it all started in september with reports that star notre dame football player, manti te'o's grandmother and girlfriend tragically, supposedly had died within hours of each other. just a couple of days later, he went onto the play the game of his life. he made national headlines for his courage in the face of so much heartache. he gave multiple interviews like this one. >> why me? why them? why all in one day? this is six hours ago i just found out my grandma passed away. you tak
to any extent? >> reporter: the white house, martha, said yesterday the possibility of the united states defaulting on its obligations is a drag on the economy but they also said so is the threat of the sequester and those $110 billion in across-the-board cuts have still not been avoided. >> we have already seen, you know, data that reflects in most economists estimates the impact of uncertainty caused by the sequester. it is clearly a bad thing. you know, we shouldn't do that. we should instead address this issue in a responsible, sober way, that assures we move forward with deficit reduction. >> reporter: republican senator john cornyn says march 1st is the day that the sequester will likely take effect but he hopes a deal to stop the harsh cuts can be made soon afterwards. martha. martha: peter thank you very much. peter doocy. bill: take a look at this. a woman absolutely losing it while in police custody. she is inside the car. officer says, what is going on there? there goes the window. tell you what this is all about. campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your hea
relations between the united states and iran will improve. israel is striking a different tone. they say they're quote worried about the nomination. a lot more coming up. bill: certainly do. meantime fox news alert now. developments into the investigation into the attack on the consulate in libya. we're learning a suspect in custody, the only suspect has been released by authorities due to a lack of evidence. greg palkot watches that. he is live in london. who is this man, greg? >> reporter: bill, he is a tunisian man. he goes by the name of al-harzi. he was originally arrested in turkey in october. he had been in libya at the time of the attack on the consulate in benghazi. at the time authorities said he was strongly suspected of involvement. he might have been a witness. fox news reporting that he was bragging about it on the phone or social media. we were in the region. we even heard rumors about him being connected with al qaeda. he was extradited to tunisia and questioned by authorities. after some resistance in december, for several hours it is reported by the fbi. we have no word
ever seen in the united states. 28, 30 million people. those people making the case to their members of congress regardless of party, whether the member is democrat or republican. i think could change the way we look at a lame duck second term presidency because of the power of that grassroots organization. bill: wow! that's a big statement, joe. back to the initial question though. >> sure. bill: blount make as heavy charge though. are there democrats in congress who agree with him? >> look, i think the way this works is you have got democrats who are in more conservative districts. you know, let's take gun control for example. there are senators from states like montana that have a different view of what we should do on guns than the president does. they're going to make that case. so, and they don't want to see the confrontation on that issue because it hurts them in their re-election efforts coming up in 2014. bill: that's true. >> the sail on the right with republican who is live in areas where, look, people want something done about guns. now, when you take what i said in the b
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the united states or from israel. so over the next couple of weeks and months you're going to see a lot of saber rattling out of israel about a possible strike on iran. and also keep this inind, heather, israeli elections are just three weeks away, and iran is always a good topic to talk about leading up to those especially for prime minister netanyahu who has really made the iranian issue one of his signature issues. heather: let's hope we with end up with option three. thank you so much, leland vittert, reporting live from jerusalem. rick: a new report coming out that sheds new light on what may have led to the shifting story told by members of the obama administration in the days following the consulate attack. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton weighs in live. that's coming up next. heather: plus, we're waiting on a crucial, rare new new year's y session in the house of representatives after the farther passed a last minute bill possibly bringing the nation back from the fiscal cliff. we've got the latest details in a live report in three minutes. >> you've got enough en
here but is there a new front in the war on terror? region of the world where the united states is about to expand its military role starting now. john bolton will tell us what we need to know about that. martha: plus as new gun legislation is set to hit capitol hill parents of sandy hook victims are speaking out on this and you may be surprised what some of them are saying. bill: really gripping statements too. an american pastor sentenced to eight years in a notorious iranian prison. he is in jail as we speak. is the state department doing all it can to bring him home? or is the state department doing anything at all? >> when my daughter heard me say eight years to someone, mom, what is years? and i couldn't explain to them a year is 365 days. she doesn't get it. they don't understand it at all. they're still hoping every day that he is going to come home. i haven't taken that hope from them. every night they pray and e up hoping he will be home soon. i can't even break that news to them. they don't understand the concept of years. [ male announcer ] some day, your life will f
. they will download the nonvolatile memory from the apu controller. in boston it was the auxiliary power unit, in other words the backup battery that overheated and eventually caught fire. that sits in the back of the plane and provides power when the engines are off. this trigger ad comprehensive review of the 787 electrical system. when there was another battery that overheated on a japan airlines flight a few days later the whole dreamliner fleet was grounded. bill? bill: dan, it seems the japanese and american authorities have different investigations. what are you learning about that? >> reporter: they are different. they're going in sort of different tracks but they're also loosely coordinated. japanese transportation officials seem to be focusing their attention more on the battery manufacturer. they're made in japan by one of the country's oldest companies and biggest battery manufacturer. gsausa corporation. the two cereal numbers of battery numbers that overheated are close together that led some people to believe and really hope it was a bad batch of batteries. as the investigation
in the united states. that hasn't been an administration that has been serious about spending or taken seriously this question of debt and deficits. bill: as you just heard from jay carney. >> right. bill: some would argue when you start comments, debt is not the biggest deal. it is getting economy going again. if we could do it in tandem, we would be flying through the roof. if jack lew is confirmed as treasury secretary, he will be treasury secretary at a time we debate yet again all these big fiscal issues and you believe there is opportunity for republicans on this. how? >> sure. if you look at what we're likely to be debating even before he is being confirmed, look at confirmation hearings likely in the next four to six weeks, what will we be talking about? we'll talk about this new fiscal cliff. we'll talk about the continuing resolution to continue to fund government. we'll be talking about lifting the debt ceiling a number about issues that the administration has to deal with immediately now on questions of spending and size and scope of government that will coincide with these confirmat
was supposed to return to the united states exactly one year ago today from a vacation in turkey. as you just heard she never arrived. relatives say the staten island, new york, woman was planning to take the trip with a friend who canceled. she was going to take the trip alone and her husband went to turkey to try to find her. before leaving he described the anguish of the last few days. >> don't have appetite. you can't sleep. you wake up crying. your mind is all over the place. even still though, despite all that you, you have a hope, you know and you hold onto that hope. >> reporter: two sons, ages nine and 11 about been told, mommy missed her flight and daddy has gone to get her. her family says it is very unusual for her to disappear without saying a single word. >> oh, my gosh, what a tough story. any clues to her disappearance, david lee? >> reporter: there is a little information. shortly before sierra disappeared she posted pictures of istanbul on the internet. remember she is an amateur photographer. police are examining security videos and they found her passport and personal item
can't not pay bills that we already incurred. if congress rethe united states government the ability to pay these bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy would be catastrophic, far worse than the impact of a fiscal cliff. bill: what about all that? and are we really just warming up the, well, the dogs in the cage? alan colmes, host of alan colmes radio show, tucker carlson editor of "the daily caller" and fox news contributor. great to have you both on. >> happy new year. bill: happy new year to both of you. i don't know, tucker, i guess if you thought this fiscal deal was a big matter, buckle up. >> well the president says he won't debate it. he will debate it. this will be a debate. nobody argues a debate over the fiscal cliff is the best way to cut spending but there is no other way. it is not a republican talking point to say the debt is out of the control. at end of the bush administration the debt equaled 65% of the gdp we're now over 115% of gdp our debt is bigger --. bill: that is double. >> so using this debate as he have leverage not to not pay our bil
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)